i have so much school work to catch up on and after school, i have to go to work. so lame! i wish there were more hours in a day so i could do more fun things like set up the game console my boyfie left at my house with one of my favorite games (some pokemon game). it would also be lovely if i could tidy up my room a bit (or clean it because it looks like a jungle) or even look for a new job. there are so many things to do but there are priorities that have been set so now i’m sticking to them. so lame….and now i’m on tumblr blogging about it. when 4am strolls along, that’s when the most thought provoking things come to mind. let’s get back to business!

and start working out when the schedule isn’t so crazy. a little exercise shouldn’t be so hard to fit in to my lame schedule.

why wait for new years to make changes?

every year, everyone has the typical new years resolutions: lose weight, get good grades, save money, quit smoking blah blah blah. these new years resolutions are also often broke after january ends. i mean, the beginning of january is filled with tons of people at the gym trying to get fit and lose weight, and at school everyone is staying on top of things..for the first two weeks of class, but after that what happens? no one really sticks to their goals and start to break away from those good habits. this past year i decided to make a simple goal and really try to stick to it: grow a backbone and learn to say no. i think i did pretty well to start off with, quit my job because i was getting walked all over and found two new ones. then towards summer i ended up going back to the job i quit (-_____________-) and now i’m back to being a damn pushover. i’m starting to build myself up again to say no to people and talk back to people when it’s needed, but it certainly isn;t how it was when the new year began. now i’m also focusing on good grades. 4.0 shouldn’t be hard if you put the work in to it. i used be such a huge slacker (and i guess i still am) but if i just put a little work into my studies, i could come out with As like nothing. in my previous classes i’ve never really done a lot of studying and come out with Bs. if i did some serious sit downs with a textbook, those Bs could easily be As. that’s what i’m striving for this quarter and so far…i’m failing. i’m falling behind because i am lazy and unmotivated. but i need to prove people wrong and that i am capable of succeeding in these classes. also, my boyf has decided to go on a diet and start working out. i feel like since he’s not that overweight that i should support him because i am at an unhealthy weight. we’ve agreed that we are going to start slow because we’ve been living a very crappy diet for a very long time. cut out the pop and all the sugary drinks and trade them for water and fresh squeezed juices. going out to eat is being cut drastically to one cheat day a week..or a cheat lunch and a cheat dinner. it’s the first week and it sorta sucks already but we’ll see where we get when the new year starts. i’m really excited for everything that’s coming up but i’m going to have to take everything slow to achieve these goals. eeehhh, so i guess one new years resolution turned into two more. let’s see if i can do this!

certain people.

There are certain people that will add every single person they meet on facebook. Or almost met. Facebook isn’t a contest to see who can get the most friends. Okay, so say you’re hanging out with a group of people and they are hanging out with the same group. You guys aren’t formally introduced, you guys don’t say a word to each other or anything. Then you go home and do whatever you do, check  your facebook and you get a notification for a new friend request. I usually leave it for awhile until I talk to some of our mutual friends (if we don’t have any, you shouldn’t be adding me anyways..unless I’m like your first friend) to figure out who you are and why you are adding me. So I’ll accept if I’ve seen/sorta met you more than once and our mutual friends are people that actually know you. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF SOMEONE ADDING YOU IF THEY ARE GOING TO DELETE YOU A MONTH LATER?! Seriously, wtf is this…why even go through the trouble figuring out my name (let alone my last name) to add me and then stalk through my stuff, then delete me a month later. -____- That’s just really dumb and immature. And I guess I could be really dumb to rant about this but I just understand the person’s rationale for doing all that shit. It’s just really too much work to go through..and actually kind of creepy. I’m sure this happens to other people too and that it annoys other people. The funniest thing is when they add you again after they’ve deleted you. Most people will recognize the person and know that they used to be friends on facebook so chances are when you add them back they’re going to be like wtf. Ugh, just gets on my nerves. Some people are so desperate to learn about stranger’s lives.

i am never in the mood to blog..

anymore. Blogging is not something that comes easy to me so I never feel like typing about anything. But I can’t sleep so I’m just going to type about whatever! I was just browsing through facebook pictures and what not and I really realized how much people have changed since high school. I know we’ve been graduates for quite some time now, but I just feel like these changes happened so fast. Within a blink of an eye, my friends have drifted practically onto a different continent. I feel extremely distant from people that I was once best friends with. It’s amazing how a few years and different environments change people. It’s like damn, is everyone too good for me now? Can’t hit a homie up when you’re in the area. Can’t grab a quick bite to catch up on things? Honestly, I don’t feel like we’ve been out of high school for that long (well..two years could feel like a long time to some) so how is it possible to grow out of friendships so quickly? It’s becoming really common for our group of friends to turn in to just acquaintances. More people smoke, more people drink, more people do the college partying. I never thought that would change friendships so much.

Another thing I realized is once you get into a relationship, it is also common to be sucked into that relationship. You lose friendships that way too. It’s a sad fact, indeed, but it’s inevitable. I think about my friends who are in relationships now and see how that affects my friendship with them and their other friends. I think about past relationships and how I lost a lot of good friends while I was dating whoever.

I guess friends come and go, but only the good ones really stay. I wonder ten years down the road who’s still going to be in my life, hitting me up to grab drinks or something. So crazy what a few years can do to ya.

what ever happened to..


my annoyance for spelling errors

I have not blogged in a very long time, but tonight I decided to procrastinate on my mountain of homework and rant about common spelling mistakes. First off, definitely is spelled like DEFIN-ITE-LY. Not definatly, definetly, definately or any other variation. There is actually a website if you are not so sure on the spelling. Anywho, there is also a little French cookie called a macaron. NOT A MACAROON. Those petite little cookie sandwiches are called macarons. Here is a picture of the macarons that have become some big. 

Macaroons on the other hand, look like this.

People use the words interchangeably and I guess that’s fine, but it just irks me sometimes.

Another thing that bothers me is when people say conversate. Conversate is not a word. Neither is conversating. I used to say it all the time until I was told it’s not a word. It’s conversing, not conversating. Even as I type this, my computer red squigglys the made up word. It may be easier to say conversate since we are so accustomed to it, but it is still not a word.

And the ever so popular is the differences between your and you’re. You’re means YOU ARE and your means your. I think if you read your sentence out loud and say you are instead of you’re, then you should be able to fix the mistake, but some people are just oblivious of the mistake. It grinds my gears! You learn these grammar and spelling things in ELEMENTARY. Let’s try to get it right, we’re smarter than kindergarteners. Or at least, I hope we all are.

Eh, that’s my rant for now. Homework is calling my name so I will tumblr no more until that mountain of homework disappears.

OH, just one more spelling error. I actually just caught it in the article I am reading for class (what a shame). The spelling for surprised is SUR-PRISE, not suprise. There is an extra R in there so don’t forget it. -____- I can’t believe I am reading an article for class that has spelling errors also. SMH

Lindsay Lohan, 24, is all over the news because she’s a celebrity drug addict. While Justin Allen, 23, Brett Linley, 29, Matthew Weikert, 29, Justus Bartett, 27, Dave Santos, 21, Chase Stanley, 21, Jesse Reed, 26, Matthew Johnson, 21, Zachary Fisher, 24, Brandon King, 23, Christopher Goeke, 23, and Sheldon Tate, 27 are all Marines that gave their lives this week, no media mention. Honor THEM by reblogging.

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does anyone remember these? i want a chicken caesar one right nowwwww.

does anyone remember these? i want a chicken caesar one right nowwwww.



Reblogging for awesomeness.


so amazing!

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My boyfriend sent me a cow :) lol

hahha hella cute! he sent it to you while i was on the phone with you too. haha


My boyfriend sent me a cow :) lol

hahha hella cute! he sent it to you while i was on the phone with you too. haha

i’m such a wimp. -___-

i absolutely hate energy drinks. they taste nasty and make me all jittery and shit. i need to stay awake though so i’m slowly drinking this mocha doubleshot energy coffee thing from starbucks. i’m getting jittery and it’s hard for me to drink this shit. i’m so lame that i’m chasing it down with warm water. -____- this is so sad.

i wish…

there were more hours in a day. :( when i have to get things done, there’s not enough time. when i want something to come faster, there can’t be any more possible time i have to wait. uuuugh. this is going to be one hectic week/vacation. :(


linda danh is probably the only person who knows what that stands for, but it’s okay.

ugh, imtoy is what i keep catching myself say. and so much lately. i mean, i’m not actually saying “imtoy” but what it stands for. this is such a frustrating time for me. so stressed. and im going on vacation next week! i have to work 40+ hours before i get to that day survive school. and this situation. i just find myself either tearing up from frustration or punching pillows (and various soft things) out of anger. uuuuggghhh, this is going to be such a crappy week, month, or however long everything lasts. omggg.